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Technology that enables you to shift your focus to serving your clients and managing your business, instead of dealing with mundane administrative tasks.

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FitPro is the leading fitness software for personal trainers, gyms, and health and wellness professionals. With our powerful, user-friendly platform, you can easily manage client records, create custom workouts and nutrition plans, and track progress over time. With more than 1000 customers, FitPro is the trusted choice for fitness professionals who want to stay organized and grow their business. Our software provides everything you need to make your clients successful and keep your business running efficiently. Get started with FitPro today and see why it's the fitness industry's favorite software!

Exercises Management
Workouts Management
Bodyparts Management
Levels Management
Goals Management
Blog Management
Store Management
Users Management
Meal Plans Management
Recipes Management
Track User Progress
Admob Support
Push Notifications
Dark & Light Theme
Firebase Integration
Support iOS & Android
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Our app for personal trainers is rapidly advancing and keeping up with the latest trends. We are continuously innovating and enhancing features for an optimal user experience.

Save up to $10,000 in developments costs.
More than
150 features to make your work easier.
solutions for every team.

Features that streamline processes and accelerate growth.

FitPro is the perfect solution for fitness business owners and clients who want to maximize their potential. With our suite of features, you can save time and energy on tedious tasks and focus on creating more effective, individualized programs.

Workout Builder

Create custom workouts with a few clicks that can be used for multiple clients or assigned to specific clients on a daily, weekly or single-workout basis.

Exercise Lists

Create exercises featuring your videos, notes, and instructions tailored to various skill levels and equipments that can be utilized in routine programs.

Recipes & Meal Plans

Create and store meal and macro plans that can be utilized by multiple customers or specifically assigned to certain customers.

Tracking Progress

Allows users to track their progress in fitness by providing a routine exercise program tailored to their individual needs. The app can help users monitor and reach their fitness goals through real-time tracking of their progress, allowing them to adjust their routine and stay motivated.

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“You can't pass up an opportunity like FitPro. Your clients will thank you and you'll have more time to grow your business.”

- Tamreen
United State

“This app is amazing and the developer and customer service are prompt, responsive and very knowledgeable. I’m not a developer and i get have a high quality.”

- Layla Coach

" FitPro has increased our monthly revenue by over $15,000. My heartfull thanks ❤️ ”

- In Shape

Easily and intuitively manage the content of your app from a control panel.

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1 Project
Admin Panel
Installation Document
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No Monthly Fees. Forever


Purchase Now
1 Project
Admin Panel
Installation Document
Push Notifications
Admob Support
Complete Source Code
Free Updates
Personal Use
Fully Customizable
Free Installation Service
Free App Submission

Do you have any questions about FitPro?

Frequently asked questions.

Q. Are there any special server requirements?

Our code works on almost any hosting account, including shared hosting. To host our code you need Apache based hosting with PHP version 8.0 and one MySQL database. For the mobile application you only need to have CLI installed to be able to generate the app for Android and iOS but do not worry about this, we will explain it to you in the file documentation.

Q. How reliable is your sofware?

The continuous improvements and uninterrupted support make our codes as reliable as they get. We are constantly developing new features for all our scripts and our customer support service was never interrupted.

Q. Can I really get my money back if the product doesn't work?

Yes, you can purchase with confidence knowing that if you're not 100% satisfied with our product, you can request a refund and we will process it the same day. Our product is of the highest quality, and we work hard to ensure that you have a great experience.

Q. How will I get support?

Our support team is available from Monday to Friday during normal business hours. We provide support via email. Assistance is provided by experienced developers which know the product inside out. The support team is located in-house.

Q. How can I pay and how fast do I get my license?

We accept PayPal, all major credit & debit cards. If you encounter any problems during checkout please let us know. Your license is delivered instantly to your email inbox right after the order is completed.

Q. Do you offer any installation service?

Of course, if you don’t have time to install and configure the software, our team will configure everything for you at a cost of $199 and we will deliver everything ready in less than 24 hours.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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