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Features that streamline processes and accelerate growth.

FitPro is the perfect solution for fitness business owners and clients who want to maximize their potential. With our suite of features, you can save time and energy on tedious tasks and focus on creating more effective, individualized programs.

Workout Builder

Create custom workouts with a few clicks that can be used for multiple clients or assigned to specific clients on a daily, weekly or single-workout basis.

Exercise Lists

Create exercises featuring your videos, notes, and instructions tailored to various skill levels and equipments that can be utilized in routine programs.

Recipes & Meal Plans

Create and store meal and macro plans that can be utilized by multiple customers or specifically assigned to certain customers.

Tracking Progress

Allows users to track their progress in fitness by providing a routine exercise program tailored to their individual needs. The app can help users monitor and reach their fitness goals through real-time tracking of their progress, allowing them to adjust their routine and stay motivated.

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